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Thursday, 2nd April 2015


Weekend Fixtures

Fixtures for this weekend across Nottinghamshire.

Notts Premier League: Clifton Village v Mansfield Hosiery Mills, Cuckney v Wollaton, Kimberley v Welbeck Colliery, Papplewick v Belvoir, WI Cavaliers v Caythorpe, Notts Academy v Kiveton Park.

Gunn & Moore South Notts League

Division A: Attenboro' v HG Carr'ton Caribs; Hucknall v Notts Unity Cas; RR Leis v Plumtree; Ellerslie v Balderton; Radcliffe o T v Southwell.

Section B: W Bridgfordns v Clifton Vill II; Ged/Sherwood v Eastwood T; Plumtree II v Gotham Vill; Collingham v Gedling Coll; L Eaton v Calverton.

Section C: Gedling Coll II v Kimberley Inst II; Thurgarton v Radcliffe o T II; Kirkby Port v Wilsons; Wollaton II v Attenboro' II; Newstead Abb Vill v Hoveringham.

Section D: L Whatton v Bramcote; Bottesford v Thrumpton; Risley v Willoughby o W; Southwell II v W Bridgfordns II; Nuthall v Keyworth.

Division E: Hickling v Hucknall II; Caythorpe III v Newark RM II; Underwood v Farndon; Wymeswold v E Bridgford; Fiskerton v Ellerslie II.

Division F: Chilwell v Ravenshead; Kinoulton v Stanton b D; Eastwood T II v Kirkby Port II; Calverton II v Whatt/Aslock'n; Beest/Toton Syc v Epperstone.

Division G: Belvoir II v Lowdham; W Bridgfordns III v L Eaton II; Gotham Vill II v Oxton; Notts Unity Cas II v Collingham II.

Division H: Flintham v Bottesford II; Bramcote II v W Bridgford Leg; Lenton Abb v R R Leis II; Sutton Bon'ton v Ruddington; Snibston Grg v Ged/Sherwood II.

Division J: Bingham v Caunton; HG Carr'n Caribs II v Kimberely Inst III; Lambley v Basford Hall OB; Keyworth II v Attenboro' III; Thrumpton II v Edingley.

Division K: Balderton II v Clifton Vill III; Woodboro' v Newstead Abb Vill II; Shepshed T v III v Cotgrave Welf.

Division L: Stapleford v Caythorpe IV; Young Lions v Radcliffe o T III; Willoughby o W II v Risley II; Hucknall III v L Whatton II; Newark RM IV v Gedling Colly III.

Division M: Ruddington II v Thurgarton II; Belvoir III v Fiskerton II; Farndon II v W Bridgfordns IV; Ellerdslie III v Chilwell II; Radcliffe o T IV v Wymeswold II.

Division N: Whatt/Aslock'n II v Kimberley Inst IV; Attenboro' IV v Madni; Lowdham II v Lambley II; Hoveringham II v Flintham II; Breaston v Wollaton III.
Bassetlaw & District League

Championship: Blidworth v Marshalls; Farnsfield v Notts/Arn Am; Killamarsh v Anston; N Wheat/Lev'n v Worksop; Ordshall Bridon v Glapwell; Thoresby Colly v Retford.

Division 1: Caythorpe II v WI Cavaliers II; Clumber Pk v Newark RM; Everton v Edwinstowe; Mans/Pleasley v Papp/Linby II; Welbeck Coll II v Harthill; Whitwell v Cuckney II.

Division 2: Firbeck v Thoresby Pk; Glapwell II v Ordsall Bridon II; Lea Pk v Grassmoor; Mans/HM II v Wiseton; Retford II v Clipstone; Teversal v Farnsfield II.

Division 3: Anston II v Nomads; Edwinstowe II v Thoresby Col II; Kiveton Pk II v Mans/Pleasley II; Milton v Welbeck Col III; Notts/Arn Am II v Sherwood; Worksop II v Clay Cross Wks.

Division 4: Basford Mill v Killamarsh II; Bawtry v Waleswood; Marshall II v Blidworth II; Rose Leis v Teversal II; Wadworth v Whitwell II; Woodsetts v Everton II.

Division 5: Bilsthorpe v N Wheat/Lev'n II; Cuckney III v Milton II; Grassmoor II v Clumber Pk II; Notts/Arn Am III v Misterton; Papp/Linby III v Mans HM III; Thurcroft v E Drayton.

Division 6: Blyth v Manton; Harthill II v Farnsfield III; Killamarsh II v Anston III; Mans/Pleasley III v Woodsetts II; Newark RM III v Rockware; Todwick v Bawtry II.

Division 7: Anston IV v Notts/Arn Am IV; Clumber Pk III v Basford Mill II; Sherwood II v Shirebrook; Waleswood II v Worksop III; Welbeck Colly IV v Ollerton; Weston v Edwinstowe III.

Division 8: Mans/Pleasley IV v Clumber Pk IV; Mans HM IV v Harthill III; Milton III v Blyth II; S Norman'n v Newark RM V.


Mansfield & District League

Premier: Cuckney v Eckington; Edwinstowe v Hucknall; Farnsfield v Sheffield Col; Glapwell v Kirkby Port; Welbeck v Millhouse.

Section 1: Mansfield HM v Newstead; Mans/Pleasley v Nomads; Spital v Coal Aston; Underwood v Blackwell; Welbeck v Shirebrook.

Section 2: Ashover v Sth Wingfield; Aston Hall v Sherwood; Grassmoor v Norton Oakes; Killamarsh v Frecheville; Kirkby Port v Eastwood.

Section 3: Coal Aston v Denby; Harthill v Cuckney; Sheffield Trans v Kingsway Pk; Sth Normanton v Handsworth.

Section 4: Calow v Mans/Pleasley; Frecheville v Morton; Marehay v Anston; Millhouse Wks v Staveley; Newstead v Langley Mill.

Section 5: Langwith v Blidworth; Nomads v Cutthorpe; Sherwood v Cresswell; Shireoaks vTeversal; Swanwick v Glapwell.

Section 6: Eckington v Ashover; Sth Wingfield v Chesterfield.

Section 7: Clowne v Sheffield Trans; Selston v Dronfield W/hse; Shirebrook v Kiveton Pk.

Newark Alliance

Division One: Collingham & District v Sleaford, Gedling Colliery v Madni, Plumtree v Radcliffe-on-Trent, Southwell v Balderton.

Division Two: Attenborough v Notts Unity Casuals, Ellerslie v Notts & Arnold Amateur, PCCC v Long Eaton, Thurgarton v Thoresby Colliery.

Division Three: Clumber Park v Radcliffe-on-Trent, East Drayton v Caythorpe, Sherwood Casuals v Fiskerton, West Bridgfordians v Gedling Colliery.

Division Four: Balderton v Fastlane Cabs, Calverton v Plumtree, Farndon v Newark Ransome & Marles I, Newark Ransome & Marles II v Southwell, Wiseton v Claypole.

Division Five: Colston Bassett v Gotham Village, Lambley Village v Wollaton, Lowdham v Kegworth Town, Nuthall v Risley, Rolls Royce Leisure v Collingham & District.

Division Six: Goosedale v Beeston & Toton Sycamore, Fiskerton v Chilwell, Long Eaton v Shipley Hall, Notts & Arnold Amateur v Rainbow, Wellow Exile -Thoresby Exiles v Sandiacre Town, Sutton Bonington v Wilsons.

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